Religion and politics

FR KEVIN Barr continues to defend and justify his stand for the Christian church to be like the political Jesus in not only “preaching a spiritual message but involved in challenging and changing this world to be the place God wants it to be”. (FT 7/4)

One main reason for Christ’s crucifixion was that the people wanted to make Him to be their political activist leader, their Messiah and King to remove the Roman leadership and restore the kingdom to Israel.

When Christ refused to mix His mission with the wrong expectation and interpretation of the people, the same crowd who praised Him on Sunday, yelled out “Crucify Him” on Friday.

Christ came to restore in mankind the image and character of God and this is the whole essence of the Gospel to be preached to all nations.

God is the Creator, it is He who will change nations to be the place He wants it to be, through the transforming power of the Gospel in the lives of those in leadership.

We Fijians prayed for His will to be done during the elections and today, we enjoy a government that we can say is approved of heaven in accordance with Roman 13:1.

At the end of the day, when Christ comes to take His people home, “the dead in Christ will rise first” before they are translated with the living in Christ, to be with their Lord and Saviour forever.

I believe the church’s worry is the preaching of the good news; let God worry about social, political and justice issues.

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