Relief for water stricken villagers on Kia Island

A picture of Kia Island in Macuata, Vanua Lebvu, after STC Yasa obliterated the vegetation and homes of the islanders. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA/FT FILE

Villagers on Kia Island, affected by the shortage of water supply have been assisted, says Commissioner Northern Uraia Rainima.

The dry spell, he said, had dried up the water source at Daku Village on the island of Macuata.

“So the villagers from Daku are getting water from Ligau and Yaro villages and we have also sent a team from Water Authority of Fiji to help,” Mr Rainima said.

“We are also blessed to have stakeholders involved and we are grateful to the staff and management of Nukubati Resort who have also supplied water to the village.

“This situation happens when we experience the dry spell, but it has not reached a critical stage because we were monitoring the situation and gauging the water level even before the dry spell started.”

Mr Rainima said works to improve the water system on the island were done after STC Yasa.

“We have continued to work closely with other stakeholders and the WAF team ensuring that villagers from Daku access water supply from Ligau and Yaro villages.”

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