Relief for villagers

Government vessel MV Sigavou used hoses to transfer water to Vesi Village on Mali Island. Picture SUPPLIED

THE sight of government vessel, MV Sigavou in the Malau waters three days ago brought hope to the villagers of Mali Island in Macuata.

However, this glint of hope was short-lived after the vessel could only supply water to the village of Vesi and needed to be refilled.

Mali district representative and Vesi villager Seru Moce said they were informed by the boat crew that they had run out of water after serving the islands of Kia, Cikobia and other islands in the Macuata and Bua maritime zone.

Mr Moce said they continued to hope that their kinsmen on the villages of Vesi and Nakawaga would be catered for by the government vessel in a second trip.

“The water level in the three villages’ main catchment area has dropped to critical levels with homes receiving no water, while water level in wells are decreasing drastically and it is becoming a worry,” he said.

“We have witnessed the benefit of a reforestation project that was implemented on the island last year.

“However, the well waters need to be used conservatively and villagers are often requested to let water build up in these wells before accessing them.”

Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea confirmed that MV Sigavou had completed carting water to the island of Cikobia last Thursday.

The villages on Mali are Vesi, Ligaulevu, Nakawaga and the nearby island of Vorovoro.

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