Relax and enjoy your holiday

Fiji Warriors. Picture: TOURISM FIJI

The secret to a truly restorative vacation starts with the journey. When you finally reach your destination, it can take a full 24 hours to relax to enjoy yourself. Since every minute of your trip is precious here are some tips on how you can make your holiday work in your favour instead of wearing you down.

Here’s what website reports:
Plan ahead
Overflowing in boxes and fear of being replaced rank among the top reasons for not scheduling vacations in the first place. To reduce them, schedule far enough in advance to clear your calendar and co-ordinate backup.

Pick the right spot
If you can help it, take something more ambitious than a staycation. Project: Time Off found 76 per cent of those who use most or all of their vacation days for travel report being happy with how they spent their time off, compared to 48 per cent of those who mostly stay home. The truth is those who spent four nights in a hotel outside their usual environment felt less stressed and better recovered when they returned than those who merely stuck around the house for the same amount of time.

Pace yourself
Instead of aiming to check as many destinations and activities off your list as possible, ask: “How do I want to experience this place?” Think about what will truly allow you to take in the sights you most want to see?

Practise healthy habits
Eat as many whole, fresh, local foods as you can and drink lots of water— take water bottles to avoid contaminants in tap. Exercise also helps, but that doesn’t mean holing yourself up in the hotel gym doing squats. Instead, get out and explore your surroundings on foot or by bike, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard.

Plug or unplug — just decide
Some people do better when they steer clear of work and email completely; others have jobs that require at least periodic check-ins or personalities that make them more stressed if they’re completely out of contact.

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