Rehabilitating earth, an enormous challenge: Usamate

Update: 6:39PM REHABILITATING the earth is an enormous challenge because we have to fix what we human beings have done to this planet, to reduce carbon emissions so that we can halt global warming and all that it does to life on this planet.

While speaking at the closing of the Asia Pacific Conference of Correctional Administrators in Nadi this afternoon, Fiji’s acting Prime Minister and Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jone Usamate said that sea levels rise, the frequent occurrence of hurricanes, sea acidity and dying coral reefs were wreaking havoc in all countries, especially the small islands nations of the world.

“It always needs the concerted contribution of many stakeholders, working together with you the correctional services, to achieve the common objective of efficient and effective rehabilitation,” Mr Usamate said.

“That is the same challenge for COP23 – to bring all stakeholders together to do what they can do – to turn what they can do, to things they want to do, and to get them to actually do it.

“When we talk about leadership in rehabilitation or rehabilitating the earth to reduce carbon emissions and climate change – it needs more ambition – we need to have highly audacious goals that we pursue with vigour.”

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