Register your vessels

The Ministry of Works and Transport and the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji are reminding boat and shipowners and operators to register their vessels.

This follows an endorsement by cabinet on the amendment of the Marine registration, Coasting Trade and Marine survey fees last year. At a press conference in Suva last week, the ministry’s permanent secretary Commander Francis Kean said government had revised this regulation to allow vessel owners to register their ships.

“We are urging all vessel owners because at the end of the day, it’s about the safety of maritime travellers,” Cdr Kean said.

“This regulations encourages owners to have their vessels less than 100 gross tonnage, survey fees for vessels less than 10 tonnes and costing trade licence for vessels less than 10 metres in length registered and surveyed,” Mr Kean said.

He adds the grace period with its reduction of fees was put in place to encourage ship operators, particularly small boat operators, to register their vessels and be compliant under the relevant decrees.