Refugees accused of lying

REFUGEES on Nauru have been accused by authorities on the island of lying about being assaulted as part of a ploy to get to Australia.

Nauru is home to hundreds of refugees who were processed on Nauru after trying to seek asylum in Australia.

The Police Commissioner Corey Caleb said refugees regularly fabricate allegations of assault and sexual assault as they know these will be publicised.

He said the refugees tell the police they have been assaulted but their stories seldom add up.

Mr Caleb said there is usually no physical evidence, witnesses or details.

The police chief said such allegations would be dismissed in Australia and those making them would be charged with making a false complaint.

Mr Caleb also said police resources were increasingly being allocated to dealing with rising tensions between members of the refugee population.

He said the force received up to five call-outs a day, which was more than from the entire Nauruan population.

The Justice Minister David Adeang said the false allegations were simply a ploy to get to Australia.

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