Referendum rolls published in New Caledonia

Kanak and French flags on Ouvea island. Picture: AFP

NOUMEA, 31 AUGUST 2018 (RNZ PACIFIC) – Town halls across New Caledonia are from today publishing the rolls for the November referendum on independence from France.

Voting will be restricted to long-term residents who number about 173,000 while the general roll lists more than 210,000 voters.

Those registered are being urged to check that they are on the list.

At a recent meeting of pro- and anti-independence politicians, it was agreed that some registrations will still be possible up to he referendum date.

According to Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes, this applies to possibly a further 3,000 people who the authorities had said that they could not be found.

The rolls were vetted by commissions appointed by the French state after a prolonged period of concern over their make-up.

The Labour Party, which won’t take part in the referendum, maintains that the lists are flawed.

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