Reddy: Instil values in children

INSTILLING religious values in our children could help combat the negative impact of globalisation on youths in our country, says Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy.

Dr Reddy made the comment while speaking at the Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha Fiji youth night celebrations in Nadi last weekend.

“We are being subjected to the forces of globalisation and it is quickly having a negative impact on our children,” he said.

“The proper nourishment of our children, not only in terms of health and nutrition, but also in terms of knowledge and education is mandatory for a healthy and robust nation.”

Dr Reddy said the Sanatan values of truth, justice, love, care, kindness, health, hard work, respect and acceptance could make the difference needed to build an ethically and morally strong nation.

“The theme for the 2017 convention promoting harmony and goodwill through religion is certainly apt given the importance of religion in this era and how it can be used to shape a person’s thinking, behaviour and attitude towards events, activities and other people.

“Growth without a solid foundation in religious philosophies will be very vulnerable and unstable

“Religious philosophy must be properly implanted in our children.

“Technology, digitisation, modernisation and globalisation has its own set of benefits and issues but if you are steadfast to teach our children religious aspects, then no disturbance can hinder their progress.”

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