Reddy acknowledges support

Agriculture Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy. Picture: SUPPLIED.

AGRICULTURE Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy thanked the Global Environment Facility for delivering resources that would assist in  the protection and enhancement of Fiji’s environment.

He made the comment while speaking at the Global Environment Facility Expanded Constituency (GEF ECW) in Nadi this morning at the Pullman Nadi Bay Resort.

“This support from GEF has included investment in the establishment of Biodiversity Conservation, support for forest restoration, sustainable land management, integrated water resource management, safe disposal of hazardous chemicals and climate change mitigation,” he said.

“It’s common knowledge that our Pacific Island nations being large ocean states are vulnerable to the threats of climate change, environmental degradation and the need to act and protect is extremely urgent.

“The support and commitment of GEF in the protection of our environment therefore has assisted and continues to assist the pacific and other regions tackle these environment problems to achieve formidable results.

“I understand that this GEF Expanded Constituency Workshop (ECWs) would assist our National Focal Points, Conventional Focal Points and other key stakeholders, to take an integrated approach in tackling these issues.

“It is also an opportunity for other GEF partners, especially GEF Implementing Agencies, to discuss new policies and procedures and share experiences from GEF projects and their integration within national policy frameworks.”


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