REDD+ program to ensure Fijians are informed

Update: 6:27PM AN objective by the Fiji National REDD+ Program to ensure all Fijians are informed and encouraged to participate and have strengthened working relationships with the media at local, national and regional levels will soon be achieved.

This was
possible after the validation of the Consultation and Participation (C&P)
Plan which is a framework guiding the consultation and awareness processes for
the analytical studies that the Fiji National REDD+ Program is undertaking
during its readiness phase.

REDD+ Fiji
communications and knowledge management specialist Reama Naco said the communications strategy aimed to enhance understanding on climate
change and forests, raise awareness on the readiness phase Fiji is undertaking
for carbon financing, increase stakeholders understanding of and support
informed participation in REDD+ related activities.

a REDD+ awareness working group that has been set up to guide REDD+
communications and awareness in the country will undergo an Awareness and Information Knowledge Management (IKM) and
education and training working group tomorrow.

“Government and CSO agencies from the environment, forestry and
agriculture sectors who are part of the National REDD+ Steering Committee or
are officers nominated by their steering committee members to contribute on
behalf of their agencies,” said Ms Naco.

technical officers are all members of the REDD+ Steering Committee.”

There will be
15 participants at the workshop that will be facilitated by the Ministry of Forests with support from Civil Society

awareness working group made up of communication and technical officers from
the environment, agriculture and forestry sectors both from Government and CSO
is assigned the task of guiding the development of appropriate awareness and
informational materials.

The workshop
will take place at the Holiday Inn in Suva from 9am to 5pm  tomorrow.

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