Recruitment drive

COMMUNICATION abilities for overseas doctors vying for a place in Fiji’s health sector is something the Health and Medical Services Ministry will look at, says the ministry’s permanent secretary, Philip Davies.

“Advertisement has gone out for international recruitment and the advertisements are on the web, people can apply from anywhere,” he said.

Mr Davies said the ministry was not focusing on a particular country for the recruitment of doctors, but rather more interested on their medical qualification and experience.

“Obviously when they apply, if they are being considered, we will look at their qualifications and experience so we are not lowering our threshold in terms of policy and standards on professional qualifications and things like ability to communicate with our people will be important, but our view is if we can find good doctors who can meet the needs of Fijian people.

“We will take them from anywhere and I am sure the patient who comes to see a doctor late at night isn’t going to be too concerned on what is in their birth certificate provided they are professional doctors.”

The Government allocated $8.8 million for the recruitment of doctors from overseas in the 2016-2017 National Budget.

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