Recreational use of drones limited

A drone in use. Picture: FILE.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF) has released a list of areas where recreational drones cannot be flown which includes lock down and quarantine zones designated by the Government.

The restricted areas now include airstrips, helipads, fuel depots, private properties, vehicles, highways, populous areas, sporting events, state-owned property, government institutions, prisons, hospitals, police stations, military barracks and the Parliament grounds.

Recreational drones can be flown over resorts, hotels, motels and restaurants with permission from management, CAAF stated in a public advisory.

Restrictions also apply to those organisations that hold commercial licences for drones.

They can fly in the restricted areas if they are “operating in direct support of an organisation providing an essential service and only when the activity directly contributes to the provision of that essential service or is necessary for that essential service to continue,” the CAAF statement read.

The names of drone operators and their contact details must be recorded to allow for quick contact tracing in the event of infection.

“All this activity must comply with, and be conducted within, COVID-19 physical distancing rules and other Ministry of Health public health guidelines.

“That means all participants, all crew and all passengers sticking to the COVID-19 guidelines,” the CAAF statement read.

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