Rebuilt from the ashes

Rotary Club of Taveuni executive Josephine Amos (right) with volunteer Dip Chand outside the house in Taveuni. Picture: Serafina Silaitoga

AFTER a decade of standing in ruins, the burnt government quarters at the hospital compound on Taveuni has been rebuilt into a brand new house.

The volunteers of the Rotary Club of Taveuni have rebuilt the house that burnt down about 10 years ago.

Rotary executive Josephine Amos said the site of the ruined charcoal building was an eyesore.

“So we decided to rebuild and repaint the ruined house and turn it into an accommodation centre for expectant mothers,” she said.

“The hospital staff have been very kind and helpful and allowed us to rebuild the quarters for expectant mothers. “So pregnant women living far from the hospital won’t have to worry about rushing to the hospital to give birth as they can stay here.”

Ms Amos said the club had also provided free linen and medical materials to the hospital.

“We are doing this for the community of Taveuni and this September we have a dental clinic for the community and eye surgery in October,” she said.

“For our eye surgery, patients will travel from around the country and all costs are paid for. “They just need to bring in their clothes. All sleeping gear and food will be provided.”