Reality check

IT is now evident that the standard of our performance at the Pacific Games is declining.

At the 2003 games we acquired 65 gold, 59 silver and 53 bronze for a total of 177 medals. In 2007 we got 40 gold, 54 silver and 42 bronze totalling 136 medals. 2011 raked in 33 gold, 43 silver and 53 bronze for a total of 129 medals. At the end of the 2015 PNG Pacific Games our medal tally was 33 gold, 44 silver and 37 bronze, our lowest record to date totalling 114 medals.

At the end of the 2011 New Caledonia Pacific Games former FASANOC president Vidya Lakhan stated that Fiji would plan ahead to improve at the 2015 PNG Games.

Current FASANOC president Joe Rodan continuously stated before the team departed that we were going to get approximately 80 gold medals at the 2015 games.

The 2015 games are over and not only didn’t we improve from 2011 but we also didn’t come close to getting half of the 80 gold medals.

We weren’t represented in quite a good number of disciplines and where we lost we lost badly. In two or three cases we even failed to complete the race. Obviously we weren’t fully prepared. Financial woes hindered the whole team right up to the day of departure.

There is no doubt that we have great sporting talent, so the question needs to be asked why we continue to fail to translate this into successes?

It’s time the Ministry of Sports and FASANOC take a thorough look at where we’ve failed and what needs to be done to take Fiji sports to greater heights. Much needs to change and it needs to start with those in control.

I hope that those in all sporting authorities will react positively to my constructive criticism and accept that our sporting standards have declined over the past two decades.

Let’s accept our failures, view it as part of the process of exploring further, make notes of its lessons and move on to progression.

Our first step up has to be Tonga 2019!



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