Real superhero inspires

FIVE-YEAR-OLD Avolonia Draiva took part in the Walk On Walk Strong (WOWS) Kids Superhero fun run/walk yesterday dressed as Wonder Woman with her mother, Ana Qolodua. Picture ATU RASEA

FIVE-YEAR-OLD Avolonia Draiva took part in the Walk On Walk Strong (WOWS) Kids Superhero event yesterday dressed as Wonder Woman.

Her mother, Ana Qolodua, said Avolonia epitomises the powers of her superhero as she courageously battles leukaemia, the most common form of cancer in children and teens.

Mrs Qolodua said her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia last year in December and she had been undergoing chemotherapy for some months now.

The mother of three said initially she was stunned when doctors informed her of Avolonia’s condition.

And although it tested her faith, Ms Qolodua said she remained steadfast from when Avolonia was admitted in hospital from December last year until she was discharged in May this year.

“I was told to accept the fact that I will lose my daughter but I do not believe that because I know only God will determine that and also my daughter is a fighter and she will get through this,” she said.

“Avolonia has endured the treatment and medicines and her faith keeps me going.”

WOWS Kids Fiji team leader Viola Lesi said the “Superhero” theme was fitting because it captured the personal battles fought by children living with cancer.

“Our theme this year is in honour of our children who are superheroes themselves, taking on a battle that is so much bigger than them,” Ms Lesi said.

“We have adults who can’t handle cancer and then you have these children, they are taking it on with so much spirit and grace and also our doctors and nurses who work really hard, we also consider them superheroes.”

The Kids Superhero walk and fun run at the My Suva Picnic Park yesterday and Black Tie Ball at the Holiday Inn Suva last night was organised by WOWS Kids Fiji.

Ms Lesi said funds collected from the events would be channelled towards the WOWS foundation.

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