Real reason for Jesus’ death

I agree and enjoyed the contextual truth revealed by Father Kevin Barr in his article titled: Real reason for Jesus’ death (FT 30/3).

However, I believe most Christians today will not agree with his statement “One of the huge implications of spiritualising the death of Jesus is that Christians today often refuse to acknowledge their need to challenge the injustices they see in the world around them. Those motivated by an unrealistic devotional Christianity take a passive stance towards the problems of the world and remain unchallenged by Jesus’ message of the kingdom of God — how his father wants the world to be.”

I believe the Bible clearly teaches that human beings were created in God’s image and character but this was lost when Adam and Eve chose to sin, resulting in our fallen sinful nature and the curse of sin and death for all humanity.

God revealed up front in Genesis 3:15 the good news or gospel truth, that the seed of the woman will deliver a death blow on the head of the serpent and the serpent will only bruise His heel.

In fact, God the Son had pledged before the creation of the world that if man chose to sin, He was willing to be our Redeemer (Revelation 13:8).

The incarnation of Jesus or God the Son was not only for the salvation of humanity but He was to reveal to all around Him the loving and caring character of God and His kingdom.

Yes, in context Jesus ruffled the feathers of the religious leaders of His day through all His good deeds and calling a spade a spade, which lead to His death on the cross.

But, He knew about it and warned His disciples and followers of what will happen to Him.

According to Bible prophecy, He was supposed to have been sacrificed on an altar as foreshadowed in the sacrificial offerings for the forgiveness of sin.

But the context has changed; God through His Son Jesus achieved both, the revelation of God’s love through the earthly ministry of Jesus and His redeeming sacrifice on the cross at Calvary.

From a biblical perspective, one has to spiritually accept the merits of Jesus’ death on our behalf and allow Him to be our Lord and Saviour before one is motivated by His love and grace to add value to the lives of others and become a source of blessing to them.

Without this spiritual aspect of Christ’s death and new life through His resurrection in our lives, I believe trying to live like Jesus today as explained by Father Barr, borders on salvation by good works.

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