Ready to serve

Fiji First Party candiduate Jale Sigarara is being congratulated by women of Lekutu in Bua. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

WITH the focus on getting equal development opportunities for rural dwellers, FijiFirst party’s provisional candidate Jale Sigarara is ready to serve his people if given the chance.

The Wainunu native from Bua met with the vanua o Burenitu in Lekutu last week to seek their support for the coming general election.

Mr Sigarara told villagers present at the Lekutu district meeting that he was only seeking their support and not their votes.

“The choice to vote whichever politician of your choice is yours alone,” he said during the traditional presentation.

“I am only here to seek the backing of the vanua and your support as I would be coming around to campaign soon.”

In an interview, Mr Sigarara said he was proud to be one of the rural provisional candidates in a party composed of 80 per cent urban dwellers.

“If given the chance, I would like to voice the need of our rural dwellers and see that they have equal opportunities such as those enjoyed by urban dwellers,” he said.

“This means getting the development enablers and availing the infrastructure to people in rural and remote areas to develop themselves.

“Rural urban drift can be addressed and this is a way of ensuring that people stay back in our rural communities and they will do so if they see opportunities in these areas.

“Once people find opportunities of making a living in rural areas, they would be confident.”

He said it was the fundamental role of any government to ensure that people accessed these enablers of development.

Mr Sigarara has 40 years of experience in the civil service, serving in the Ministry of Forests and iTaukei Affairs.

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