Ready to rumble

BOXER Rakuro Daunivanana tipped the scale higher than the required welterweight clash for today’s main welterweight clash against Ronald Naidu in the Kiran’s Boxing Promotions program.

At the weigh in yesterday, Daunivanana was 70.1 kilogram while Naidu weighed 66.2kg.

Daunivanana was made to run around the Sugar City to shed a few kilograms to make the weight division.

The first fight between the two last November surprisingly ended in a draw.

Naidu said he was unfit for that bout.

He said this time there was better preparation despite the adverse condition in the past two weeks.

“In the last bout I did not train much,” Naidu sid.

“But this time things are different despite the two tropical cyclones.

“I had many sparring sessions with boxers at the Mulomulo Boxing Club.

“I hope to win this fight and will do my best. “I expect the people from Nadi to turn up in numbers to support me.”

Naidu said he wanted to stake a claim for the Fiji welterweight or the light welterweight title.

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