‘Ready for change’

National Federation Party youth leaders at the their Convention in Nadi on Saturday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

YOUNG people in this country are ready for a change, says National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad.

While speaking at a NFP Youth Convention in Nadi yesterday, he said youths had been the only group of people who were able to stand up to authorities in the face of social injustices.

“Throughout history, it’s always been young people who had the passion, who had the courage and who were worried about social justice,” he said.

“They are the ones that stood up and made their voice heard because as people got older, they had families and they had other priorities.

“Young people were the ones who were fighting and standing up to injustice, unfairness and dictatorship and they have achieved results. “I believe today, our young people have understood what we’ve had over the last 12 years and I think they are ready for change.”

He said NFP’s young supporters were aware and understood the party’s struggles, but were willing to work hard for a better future.

“All of these young men and women in our party they know that the party is not rich.

“They know that they would not be able to ride with the leadership. Despite that, they are going to our different communities and they are articulating our policies on their own and that is what I want.

“We need to build that kind of leadership in this country. Not leadership around a dictator.”

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