‘Reading Place’ to enhance English literacy for Namuka primary school students

Navi Taka with the children of Namuka village, Nakelo with story books after the opening of their new reading and study room on Saturday, July 04, 2020. Picture: ATU RASEA

A reading centre focused to assist Year One to Year eight students in the village of Namuka in Nakelo was opened today.

This initiative was birthed out of an idea which worked in a community in Canada to improve the reading abilities of children.

And this idea prompted the Naiyaga family to convert their home into a ‘Reading Place’.

In an interview today, Malakai Naiyaga said the family’s love for books and also their vision to assist children in the village to enhance their literacy and numeracy was what drove them.

“This started off as an initiative to encourage the younger ones, those from Year one to Year three.

“That was the original initiative that we had, to roll out a reading circle program where we adopt this from a Canadian community, it is a reading circle model called the Frontier College.

“We provide a safe environment for children to come and that’s for different classes and we provide the books for different categories then we allocate certain days in a week for them to come.”


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