Reading inspires and ignites imagination within children

Reading books has the power to inspire and ignite imagination within children. Picture: FT FILE

IN commemoration of World Book Day yesterday, author booths and book activities were set up in Rakiraki town to remind students of the importance of reading.
The Education ministry also set up reading activities and prizes that students could win by answering questions, performing speeches and reciting poetry and other literary works.
Fiji’s Attorney General and Minister for Education Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said reading books had the power to inspire and ignite imagination within children.
“Books and knowledge are truly one and the same. Any book, on any topic, gives us a lens into the world from an author’s perspective and allows us to walk away with a new lesson, a new understanding or a new appreciation for another point of view,” said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum.
“Some books can pass on practical lessons; knowledge you can apply in your job, at home or in your communities.”
Meanwhile, yesterday as well, Rakiraki Public Library was automated as the Government moved to ensure it was more efficient and a streamlined library management system for people to access.

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