Reading: A fundamental skill

Year 1 students listen attentively during a book reading session at ISS last week. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

INTERNATIONAL School Suva (ISS) celebrated their annual book week last week.

The week consisted of reading activities, a dress-up parade, drawing designs and booksellers selling books at the school.

ISS head of primary Rebecca Clentworth said every year the school has its annual book week, where students and teachers celebrate books and literature.

“We ask for guest readers to come in because it’s important for us to celebrate mother tongue and literacy in mother tongue,” she said.

“Being an international school with more than 40 nationalities we like to encourage our parents who are non-English speaking to come in and share a book from their own culture and their own language.

“This would expand the children’s internationalism and understanding of other cultures and other languages.” She said the Alliance Francaise supports the school through its activities, especially after school clubs where some students sign up for French there. Even secondary school students help read to the primary students.

“The children love learning through engaging ways and the parents love it when their children go home and say they had a good day at school,” she said.

“Having learned through fun engaging and strong activities means that children learn in context and are more likely to go home and say they had a great day.

“Reading is a fundamental skill and all people have to do it in order to be successful in life.

“We try and prepare our students to be successful in ways of collaboration, creatism, creativity, internationalism and having that understanding that there are many different cultures and we are not afraid of celebrating it.

“When we talk about globalisation and making our students global citizens it means that they can collaborate and be creative.

“They are aware and be accepting of other people’s differences, cultures and background, which is a big part of our vision and mission at International School.”

The book week ended with a character parade on Friday at the school.

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