Reach out, says Police after alarming suicide cases

POLICE has asked members of the members of the public to share their problems and learn to reach out when in need.

This is after recent cases of suicide were reported involving two students both under the age of 18 within a span of four days.

In a statement issued by Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro, Police had called on the public to reach out to relevant institutions if they were having problems.

“There are NGO’s and religious organisations that specialize in counselling as well as many other services available instead of resorting to such drastic measures to deal with your problems,” Ms Naisoro said.

In the most recent incident, Police said an 11 year-old-student died after taking his own life as he was unhappy about being disciplined by his mother.

The incident occurred on September 1 in a village in Kadavu.

“The victim allegedly took his own life after being disciplined by his mother on Saturday night and was later found by his older brother,” Ms Naisoro said.

The victim’s body is at the Vunisea Hospital awaiting post mortem examination as investigations continue.

In an earlier incident involving another student, a 17-year-old boy had taken his life inside a school dormitory on the island of Ovalau on August 28.

According to Police, his death had since been classified as a suicide case following the post mortem examination.

To date there has been 62 suicide cases compared to 51 for the same period.



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