Rawaca leads the way

OLYMPIC gold medallist Savenaca Rawaca led 300 students of Savusavu in a mangrove rehabilitation program aimed at educating the communities about the importance of mangroves.

An initiative of Savusavu’s world-class marina — Nawi Island Resort — the program last week involved the planting of 5000 mangrove seedlings around the island.

The company, in a statement, said the project which started three years ago represented Nawi’s commitment to be environment conscious and to ensure that the future students were involved and aware of their efforts.

“Two days before the planting day, we visited several schools presenting and educating Year 8 students about the importance of mangroves, the different kinds of mangroves and the species that live in them,” the release stated.

“We also taught students how the mangrove grows and how the seeds get planted. We explained that we will be speeding up the process by directly planting the seedling into the sand when the tide was out.

“When Nawi’s project has finalised, it will bring a great growth and employment opportunities for this young generation and we want to bring awareness and motivate them to seek a better future.”

This year the students planted extra 400 seedlings from the normal 5000 seedlings that have been planted every year.

The students also picked up rubbish while out on the island as part of keeping the environment clean.

The company said Rawaca visited schools in the area to give students a rugby ball as a token of appreciation for being involved in the rehabilitation program. The company, after the Olympic Games in Rio, teamed up with Rawaca to assist students through a scholarship program.

The scholarship program, known as the Savenaca Rawaca Nawi Island Scholarship, will be awarded to Year 13 students who have successfully completed their high school studies, but cannot afford to pursue tertiary studies.

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