Ravudi after Singh

FIGHTING for pride and respect is far more important than fighting for money and fame, says Fiji number one welterweight boxer Jese Ravudi.

After being turned down by Sebastian “The Sniper” Singh earlier this year, Ravudi has made it his goal to turn every over turnable stone in his quest to go toe to toe with Singh.

“The Sniper said he has never heard of me, OK that’s fair, I will go down this long road and I will fight and win all these four upcoming fights this year,” Ravudi said.

According to his coach and former Fiji heavyweight champion Joe Ravudi, his 24-year-old son will fight four fights from July until December. His first match-up will be against Ronald Naidu on August 12, 2017 at Sigatoka.

“Singh wants to set his sights on the world, what I want to say is, focus on the Pacific and Fiji first, you have not beaten everybody yet and you want to call yourself the best,” Joe said.

“Jese went through the system, it made him, he started from the amateur ranks and worked his way up.

“We will keep working our way up until Singh has no more excuses to give.

“It will be then and there where Singh will not only be beaten, but he will come to realise that boasting has a price.

“And that price is too high for him to pay.”

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