Ravai makes Fiji FA proud

Kinisimere Ravai has been honoured with a 2017 Fiji Sports Volunteer Award for her contribution to the sports in Fiji.

Ravai’s outstanding commitment to Fiji Football Association’s Just Play program was recognised during the awards night a fortnight ago.

She was also nominated by Fiji FA for FASANOC’s voices of athletes champion in 2012.

Working as volunteer for many years with different sports organisations, Ravai was delighted to be honoured after nominated by Fiji Football Association this year.

Ravai said she was happy and proud to be honoured as a volunteer.

“I am very happy and proud that I have been honoured for my hard work,”Ravai said.

“This is my second prestigious award I would say because I received the silver medal in 2017 when I participated at the Fiji Games playing for shooting Fiji and I claimed three silver medals.”

She said this was the first time she had won something from the Fiji Sports Awards.

The 36-year-old passionate sportswoman who hails from Soa, Nakorotubu in Ra has sports in her heart. She had volunteered and played many sports in the country.

She said she loved playing all sports and had participated in most sports in the country.

“I first started playing football in 1998 and then I played softball, shooting, hockey and rugby. I always try different sports because I am very passionate for every sports and love to play every game,” she told Fiji FA Media.

The former Fiji national women’s football player thanked Fiji FA for nominating her for the awards.

“I am very grateful to Fiji football for nominating me and spotting my service to the federation.”

Ravai said she had been volunteering since 2009 for Fiji Football’s Just Play program.

“I have been volunteering for Fiji FA for the past eight years, I first started in 2009 when Just Play program was introduced in Fiji.”

She said it had been very challenging but she was happy to volunteer for the passion of sports she had.

“It is challenging as we take our time but it is my passion for football that I never gave up as a volunteer and today I have achieved all the hard work I did. As a volunteer I have learnt a lot about football.

Ravai has represented the Fiji national women’s team in four Pacific Games. “I have played for national women’s football team in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 as a central defender and claimed bronze medal in 2007 and 2011”

Ravai said she always believed in the Almighty.

“For me I believe that when you put God first in everything you do you will surely achieve that and God has been my first priority in everything I do.”

She dedicated her award to all the volunteers and families and friends.

“I dedicate this to all the volunteers and I would advise them to continue their hard work and a day it will be paid off.

Kini is now full time employed by Fiji Football Association as a Just Play instructor and co-ordinator. She thanked the Almighty God for giving her the strength to achieve everything in life.

“I give him back the honour, the glory, the power and the dominion to be his and his alone,” she said.

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