Ratu Sukuna Bowl: Army will fight tooth and nail to win

Subrails Furniture director sales, Shivan Gounder, fourth from left, hands the cheque to acting Commander of RFMF and president of RFMF Rugby, Captain Humphrey Tawake with offi cials during the presentation yesterday (Nov 22/2021) in Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA

The Republic of the Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) will fight tooth and nail in order to win the prestigious Ratu Sukuna Bowl on December 17.

Acting RFMF Commander and Army Rugby Club president Humphrey Tawake said they wanted to win the Ratu Sukuna Bowl for their families.

“The Ratu Sukuna Bowl is always a family event at the end of every year for Police and the RFMF,” Tawake said.

“Over the years that it has been played, it has always been a family affair. You see families come in and witness a lovely day and the wisdom around the Ratu Sukuna Bowl that was played during Ratu Sukuna style back 50-60 years ago and that legacy still continues today.

“As for the Ratu Sukuna Bowl this year, I know most of our players have been on the frontline supporting the nation, so as the Police. I won’t give that as an excuse, but this year will be a different ball game altogether.

“We are not going out there just to make the numbers, but it will be a great day of rugby.”

Tawake thanked Fiji Rugby Union for their support and having pathways for players who are members of the RFMF.

“Hopefully it’s not who wins that come out the best, it is rugby that wins for the day and what rugby had injected to the nation it is of great value. It is the remittances that we are getting at the national level for the families that we have here in Fiji.

“I think during the COVID-19 lockdown, it has been the third biggest revenue and I thank the Fiji Rugby Union for that.

“The nurturing that they have done through the system that they have the pathway within the structures of FRU. That is something that is the testament of what we all have that we have achieved to move Fiji together through rugby.

“Not all people pay tribute or acknowledge that but I would like to acknowledge FRU for the work that they have done to drive the economy, drive rugby forward where we are today.

“For the RFMF, on the day I can guarantee you there will be a new champion on that day whether win or lose, we will all win irrespective of the result on the day.”

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