Ratu Sakiusa installed as Ratu ni Natauya; ready to serve

Ratu ni Natauya Ratu Sakiusa Taukena being congratulated by his wife, Mereisi Taukena, after the installation at Nanukuloa Village in Ra. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Ratu Sakiusa Taukena is the newly installed Ratu ni Natauya of Saivou district in Ra.

Ratu Sakiusa was installed in Nanukuloa Village in front of hundreds of people from the five villages he would govern during his reign.

After his installation, Ratu Sakiusa said he would rely on his people and his elders to guide him through his new role.

He said that he would not be able to carry out his new responsibilities without the help of his people.

He said he had a lot to learn from his elders especially those in the Ra Provincial Council to help direct his path as the Ratu ni Natauya.

He said with God and his people on his side he would do his best to serve those that he was called to look after.

The newly-installed chief added that he would not take his new role for granted and that he would do his best to fulfil the role that God has called him to play.

Ra Provincial Council Roko Tui Ratu Paula Dakuivuna said they hopeful that Ratu Sakiusa would carry out his role diligently.

He said the role carried a lot of responsibilities which would need a lot of guidance from Ratu Sakiusa’s elders.

He added that the council would do its best to also help the new chief in his role.

Ratu Paula explained that they would support the new head of Natauya as take on the huge responsibility of leading the vanua.

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