Ratepayers urged to start paying their rates

Minister for Local Government Premila Kumar (sitting 3rd from left) with Special Administrators Adish Naidu (sitting left), Anil Chandra, Deborah Sadranu, Manorma Khan, Permanent Secretary Dimity Fifer and executives of Nadi Town Council pose for a photo after their meeting in Nadi yesterday. Picture: SUPPLIED

RATEPAYERS in the two urban centres need to start paying their rates, says Nadi Town Council and Sigatoka Town Council special administrators chairperson Debra Sadranu.

She said the two municipal councils needed revenue to carry out their operations.

“Rate payments have always been a big issue for us,” she said.

“The council needs to collect rates and at the moment we have a lot of outstanding rates.

“The council cannot operate if we do not have revenue. We just can’t.

“We need to be able to operate and that can only be achieved with the payment of our rates.”

She said ratepayers struggling to pay their dues could negotiate a payment plan with the council.

“We need to encourage the public that if they are struggling to pay their rates they can always come into the council. We can come up with a payment plan.

“They can pay it in proportions that can help them with being able to overcome their financial issues and at the same time they are paying their rates.

“Ultimately they have to pay their rates because that is going to help the Nadi Town Council and the Sigatoka Town Council with their cash flows. “So we encourage the public to please come in and talk to us.

“Our doors are open and we are here to work together and collectively.”

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