Rapid funds through ATMs and Internet Banking

THESE products are introduced in Fiji targeting the Indian community working in Fiji to send their funds to India at their convenient time and place.

At BoB we believe in customer convenience.

We are offering these facilities to our NRI customers more convenience without any fees and charges.

Presently our NRI customers are visiting our branches Fiji wide to send their money to India through Rapid Funds To India (RF2I) for their families and investments. But after the introduction of the new facilities/products, customers will be able to send the funds very conveniently through BoB Fiji ATMs and internet banking.

RF2I through ATM — registration (one time):

* Visit your base branch

* Register your beneficiary account/s (India account/s)

* These beneficiary accounts shown on ATM screen

How to transfer funds to India through ATM:

* Visit any BoB Fiji ATM

* Enter your ATM Card at ATM and enter PIN

* Select RFI on the screen

* List of beneficiaries registered with your base branch will be shown

* Enter the beneficiary number from the list

* Check the rate

* Continue and OK

Customers can opt out after checking the exchange rate on the screen.

Bank is not charging any fees and charges for transferring the funds to India to any of his BoB account in India or any other bank account in India by using ATMs.

Presently we are charging $15 in case if the customer is transferring funds to other than BoB account in India. Now, customers can save $15 by using this means of funds transfer.

RF2I through internet banking:

This facility can be used by those customers who are having the BoB Fiji Internet Banking Facility or they can apply now for Internet Banking facility.

The following are the steps involved in transferring the funds through Internet Banking:

* Login to your Fiji e-Banking

* Select transfer

* Register beneficiary a/c (India a/c)

* Select make payment

* Select beneficiary a/c

* Enter INR amount

* Select purpose of remittance

* Click pay

* Check the details of the beneficiary/payee

* Then confirm payment

Major advantage for customers in this facility is that, they can do the Funds transfer as per their convenient time and place. Moreover it’s free they need not pay any fees and charges for availing this facility.

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