Ram: A crucial day

EIGHTY-YEAR-OLD Paras Ram of Vunika in Labasa was like any other normal voter who woke up early on Wednesday morning to be the first to cast his vote.

Having walked about two kilometres from his home to the polling venue at Vuo Bhartiya Primary School, any passer-by would have assumed Mr Ram was just taking a morning walk.

About 8am, we met him along Malau Rd where he was taking a rest on the roadside.

When asked where he was headed, Mr Ram replied he was on his way to vote.

He said this was a crucial day for the nation because the votes of the people would decide the next government to take us forward.

Mr Ram said he woke up early in the morning just so he could make it to the polls.

Given his old age, he said, he wanted a government that recognised and treated everyone equally.

Meanwhile, The Fiji Times team also visited some polling venues in Macuata and witnessed long lines of voters who had eagerly waited to cast their votes.