Ralovo turns his life around for the better

Fiji National University final-year law student Isikeli Ralovo (left). Picture: FACEBOOK

IT is never too late to turn your life around, says Isikeli Ralovo.

The Fiji National University final-year law student said he had failed his Year 12 examinations but it did not deter him from pursuing his dreams.

His parents were unemployed but he took himself back to high school. He was in his late 20s by then and successfully completed Years 12 and 13 and worked his way into university.

Thanks to Government’s Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board assistance, he is today pursuing a law degree at the Fiji National University.

“I failed my Year 12 exams and it was pretty much downhill from there,” he said.

“So when I became a member of the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) four years ago, my life began to change.

“My experience at IYF has changed my mind-set and attitude. There was this message of hope that they kept sharing with me, saying that my life is not over yet and I started actually believing that I could do much better.”

Ralovo was a participant at a three-day event organised last week by IYF which brought youths of different cultural backgrounds together at the Thurston Gardens in Suva.

He said because his parents were both unemployed, he decided to walk around and look for places to secure scholarships but was rejected from almost every quarter.

“My family members laughed at first because I wanted to go back to school after so long.

“But then the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board (TSLB) supported me and now I am into my final year law studies at FNU and I currently advocate for IYF.

“I became the first president of the Law Students Association and I always tell my peers that the person that I was before couldn’t even speak in front of two people, let alone the whole student body.”

Ralovo is expecting to graduate this year.

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