Rakiraki preps for more floods

SHOP owners, market vendors, sweets sellers and taxidrivers in Rakiraki are dreading the bad weather forecasted for the Western Division this weekend.

This was the view of Rakiraki Chamber of Commerce and Industry president George Shiu Raj.

“People are scared,” he said.

“They have lost so much and every time there is a flood or cyclone, they lose even more.

“And as soon as news came out last night and this morning (yesterday) that another system had formed, you could see the fear in their eyes.

“For businesses, they have already begun moving stock and equipment to higher ground.

“Market vendors are removing their produce and taxidrivers are complaining that they won’t be able to earn a good income for the second week in a row.

“On behalf of all the businesses in Rakiraki, we are pleading to Government to give flood affected areas a tax rebate.

“This will really assist all businesses to repair and rebuild after the bad weather passes.”

Local Government Minister Parveen Kumar announced yesterday that market vendor fees would be waived for this week in flood affected areas.

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