Rakesh continues family legacy

Rakesh Kumar Bulsara at his tailoring shop. Picture: PAULINI CURUQARA

Tailoring business Rakesh Emporium has been serving the people of Fiji over the past 38 years with tailor-made clothes for different occasions.

Owner Rakesh Kumar Bulsara took over the family business from his late father, Chandravandan Bulsara last year in July.

The business located in Toorak was established in 1982. Mr Bulsara said their family had been in the tailoring business since 1940s which was inspired by his late grandfather Parsotam Ghanda Bhai Bulsara.

“My father was only 21 years old when he opened our family business,” he said. “He worked tirelessly every day running our family business until he suffered a stroke in 2004.”

He said running a family business was a tough job because the pressure was on him as the only son to keep it afloat.

He said they had to adjust the business to keep their customers with the arrival of second hand shops in Suva City.

“Business was booming decades ago because there was not much clothes shop back then. “People preferred to have their clothes sewn in tailor shops, but times have changed now with more shops around.”

He said he learned the business traits from his late father. He said they had also ventured into sewing tailor-made school uniforms.

“My father also taught me sewing and designing bula shirts and dresses. “Academically I was not good, but then I chose to follow my late father’s footsteps and I knew it was the job for me.”

He said he would ensure the business stayed afloat. “For me, since I don’t have any sons to carry on the family business, I will keep working hard and strive to continue to run the family business.”

For those planning to venture into a family business, he said it could be a challenge but the fruits are rewarding.

“Working for the family is a blessing because we get to inherit what our forefathers started, it is worth every sacrifice and hard work.

“Do not be scared to take over your family business, we also need to adjust in a way to fit these changing times.”

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