Raju and Tukana

I think Raju and Tukana brought angry souls to Wellington with their good old supply of waka (FT 28/1/16).

Ben Ryan must have regretted allowing them in the plane (vodo loto) even with their waka and basin heading for the Cake Tin.

They must have put a spell on the team that resulted in the fumbling of balls, wild passes, and individual plays. Tuwai must have had too much too few.

The Fijian aggression was completely offset by the waka.

They should be cited for breaking rules and if found guilty to be grounded. They even bewitched Sonny Bill Williams with their waka dose (FT 30/1/16) in the finals against SA. It almost worked against the AB but they held on hard on their turf. SBW looked bewitched and probably more disenchanted about their striking pot bellies than anything else. They must have sedated him before the game.

These guys should not travel to Sydney. They bring doom to us and meanwhile the jinx in Wellington continues.

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