Raiwai targets volleyball revival

FORMER national volleyball champion, Raiwai, is on a comeback trail.

Through the Raiwai Old Boys Association’s sports development program, a volleyball tournament has been organised at the Raiwai Youth Hall tomorrow, Diwali holiday, to revive the sport in the housing estate.

“Volleyball used to be synonymous with Raiwai, but its popularity died few years ago,” association committee member Kelevi Serukalou said.

“We have 24 teams —— 16 men’s and 8 women’s playing this weekend. These are teams from around Raiwai and some invitational sides from around Suva.

“Raiwai set a national record as national champion for 10 consecutive years and we are reviving the sport here to help our young people.

“The top two teams from each of the men’s pools will qualify for the quarter-finals while the women will have the top four going to the semi-finals.

“Each set, from the pools to the semi-finals, will play for five minutes while the women’s final will be played under three sets of 15 points, while the men’s have three sets of 25 points.”

The one-day tournament will start with a team assembly and devotion at 8am.

Pools: Men:

Pool 1: Rebels 1, Kia 1, Leys, Red Beard 2. Pool 2: Red Beard 1, MYF, Yellow Ribbon, Raiders. Pool 3: Trailblazers Lami, Rebels 2, Spirit, Raj Moti Lal. Pool 4: Eagles, Kapadia, McFarlane, Narseys Plastics Kinoya.

Women :

Pool 1: Raj Moti Lal, Kapadia, McFarlane, Kia Princess. P2: Eagles, Leys, Kia Queen, Narseys Plastics 2.

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