Raising the bar

Salacieli prepping for the August powerlifting competition. Picture: SUPPLIED

Balancing academic pursuits and dreams can be challenging but it is definitely possible. That statement has motivated Salacieli Koroi, a young Fijian who shared his inspiring story of perseverance, personal growth, and the pursuit of his dreams with this newspaper.

“I dedicate everything I do to my mother,” he said.

“Everything she has done has been to boost my success. Koroi graduated recently from the University of the South Pacific (USP) with a Bachelors in Commerce degree, majoring in International Business Marketing and Human Resource Management.

“My father would stress the value of education saying that it provides structure and discipline.”

“My family would not force me to do anything, instead they would encourage me to pursure what I love doing the most and this is why I’m grateful to them. Their support allowed me to keep going.”

“I even had to sacrifice some of my friendships in order to achieve my goal and I only had one goal this semester, that was to graduate.”

Koroi’s late father’s adviced him to prioritise education as a foundation for a successful life.

This resonated with him. Despite the challenges of handling multiple subjects, juggling sports, and managing household responsibilities, Koroi’s commitment to his studies never wavered.

As he pursued his academic goals, Koroi found a new passion in fitness.

His relentless work ethic and consistency in the gym caught the attention of those around him. Soon, opportunities began to arise.

Koroi was invited to work as a personal trainer at the, Metro Gym located in Suva where he dedicated himself to helping others achieve their fitness goals.

His philosophy was clear: when you are passionate about something, success and fulfillment naturally follow.

He believed that if he could master the art of discipline then no one would overcome him.

Koroi’s fitness journey led him to Kokomo Resort, where he attracted high-end clients and expanded his network.

He believes that his unwavering dedication and commitment to helping others were pivotal in opening doors to new opportunities for him.

His work in the area of fitness, Koroi discovered powerlifting, driven by a desire to experience various sports and learn from different disciplines.

He entered his first competition with the intention of gaining experience but rose to the occasion. Koroi has since competed in numerous powerlifting competitions, consistently achieving remarkable results and now holds records in bench press, deadlift, and total weight in the 105kg category.

His recent achievement of deadlifting 300kg with a remarkably light bodyweight solidified his position as a formidable powerlifter.

His dedication in powerlifting has led to his nomination as Fiji’s “pound for pound” powerlifter.

Koroi shares his hopes of one day pursuing a career playing rugby union.

“When you are burning in the furnace this is when you are being tested the most, and this is when you can shine.

Beyond the individual accolades, Koroi is deeply grateful for the support and contributions of his sponsors, friends, and mentors who helped him overcome challenges in his powerlifting journey.

He views his success as a collective effort and dedicates his victories to those who believed in him.

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