Rain stops Nadi race

Unfavorable weather forced the organisers to call off the Sabeto Horse Races yesterday. Picture:

UNFAVORABLE weather forced the organisers of The Fiji Times Sabeto Horse Races to be called off with three event remaining to complete the day.

The rainy weather forecast in Nadi was the reason of the cancellation and unfortunate circumstances during the race that led to injuries suffered by the horses and jockey’s during the race.

Event organiser Kim Beddoes said the safety of the jockey’s and the horses was their priority and the rainy weather was the result of the cancellation.

“The safety of the horses and riders is our priority and we had to cancel the remaining races because we cannot control the weather and I apologise to all supporters that gathered for this event and I hope you will agree with me regarding the safety of the horses and the riders,” said Beddoes.

“At the end of the day the decision is pretty easy that is the safety of the horses and the jockey’s is paramount.”

The three remaining races comprises of 33 riders shared the remaining prizes according to their events.

“We divided the remaining prizemoney equally to the rest of the competitors that were left to compete and I thank everyone that came to be part of this event,” she said.

Despite the cancellation, spectators enjoyed the day with drinks and food stalls offering them the best Fijian hospitality at the Aviva Farms to witness the 2019 Fiji Times Sabeto Horse Races.

“Generally the standard and care of the horses was excellent and we saw that from the excitement of the jockey’s and the horse owners and I’m hoping the Sabeto Horse Racing lifts the standard of horseracing in Fiji,” Beddoes said.

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