‘Rain not enough for drier areas’

The drier areas of the Western Division will not receive enough rain to sustain farms in the long term.

Fiji Meteorological Service acting director Viliame Vereivalu said while the Western Division could expect periodic showers during the latter part of the year, it would not be enough to ease challenges faced in dry areas.

“We’ve begun with the cyclone season and while we usually experience wet conditions, the Western Division will not experience rain regularly,” he said.

“There will be showers but there will be breaks before it rains again.”

Dairy and sugarcane farmers were elated when it rained last weekend because it allowed them to begin preparing land for planting.

Farmers have been advised to continue to use water wisely.

“There will be moments where the West will experience a good amount of rain and periods where they don’t,” said Mr Vereivalu.

“For drought stricken areas the rain will not be enough to sustain them for long periods.”

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