Rain galore

Now that it’s raining cats and dogs, people have started complaining about the excessive rainfall.

When there was no rain we were craving for those beautiful water droplets.

Rain beautifies our surroundings although it takes a toll on our roads and potholes seem to appear from nowhere.

Could this heavy rain dampen the festive season? Only time will tell!

Nonetheless, let’s be grateful for what nature offers us and pray that we receive only the required amount of rainfall and not excessive, which could result in flooding as it would cause destruction and damage. At least some sunshine would be a consolation.

Wow! Before the Bati arrived in drought-stricken Townsville it rained and on Sunday, 15 minutes before the team landed in New Zealand a 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Wellington.

Could this be a miracle or as rugby league legend Civoniceva pointed out, that it was a divine sign?

Nature’s call, ladies and gentlemen!

I’m sure rain is going to be galore on the field come Saturday evening when our Bati land at the Cake Tin!

Until then let’s enjoy the rain, be cautious with our driving and ensure our kids are safe!

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