Rain fails to stop ACS girls

The 90s group was the noisiest bunch with the loudest cheer and song during the ACS march through Suva. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

THE early morning drizzle failed to dampen the spirit of the girls of Adi Cakobau School as they marched from the Suva Flea Market to Albert Park in commemoration of their 70th year of existence.

Adi Cakobau School Old Girls (ACSOG) association president Ilisapeci Movono said the celebration was a time for old scholars as well as the continuing students to get together.

“Our program this year focused on getting everyone together because there is a wide gap,” she said.

“One of our main purpose is to try and get everyone to know each other, learn the ethos and values of the school from the older ones that are still here. This is also an opportunity for the young ones to get to interact with the older ones.”

Ms Movono said they had a small get-together, tea parties and as well meet-ups before the culmination of the celebration tomorrow.

“We have had two parties with the younger ones and as well the older ones, we’ve also had get-togethers hosted by different decades. “Today was supposed to be a march for all the decades and those who can walk. We had made a decision to cancel it because we know people would get sick,” she said.

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