Rain disrupts netball league

THE match between Satellite Divas and Central Swifts in the 2017 Digicel Punjas Netball Super League at the Vodafone Arena was yesterday called off, a minute away from full time.

The match was called off for the safety of the players after the roof started to leak following a heavy downpour experienced in Central Division.

Netball Fiji vice-president and administrator Vivian Koster said the weather was not favourable.

“We cannot do anything about the weather and we were fortunate even though it rained heavily in Suva we continued with the games and with only one minute left we had to stop the game,” Koster said.

“Our biggest concern was for the players not to get injured and we had water on the floor which we were managing, but the umpire made the decision to stop the match.

“There was only one minute left and the umpires spoke to each other and spoke to the captains of the teams and called off the match.”

Koster said she was expecting the competition to intensify in the next round.

“The competition started on high for the 2017 season and normally we split the national team players into five teams and the idea is that each teams have the opportunity and learn from the national players,” she said.

“There are more interesting matches to come in the season. The teams will be very competitive come the final round.”

Satellite Divas won the match by 42-39 against Central Swifts.

Full results: Central Swifts 29-39 Western Zeniths, Satellite Divas 50-32 Stallion Starlets, Capital Force 67-29 Stallion Starlets, Satellite Divas 42-39 Central Swifts

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