Radrodro compares 2018 general elections to 1996 Russian presidential elections

Opposition MP Aseri Radrodro in Parliament today. Picture: RAMA

SODELPA MP Aseri Radrodro told Parliament today the manner in which the 2018 general elections was conducted was similar to the Russian presidential elections of June 1996.

Deliverying his maiden speech in Parliament this afternoon, he said dozens of observer groups that collectively fielded well over a thousand foreign observers on election day ringing endorsement of the process.

Mr Radrodro said it hightlighted the lack of apparent fraud or widespread adminstrative problems with voting.

“The fact that Boris Yeltsin’s campaign almost certainly used significant State resources for its own purposes, benefited greatly from biased coverage on State television, paid journalists to write favourable stories and use various other stratagems to ensure Yeltsin’s victory received relatively little attention from the foreign observers,” he said.

Mr Radrodro said the conduct of free and fair elections was at the heart of any democratic process.

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