Radrodro calls for LTA inquiry

SHADOW minister for infrastructure and transport Aseri Radrodro has called on the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) to investigate the reasons behind the resignation of former Land Transport Authority (LTA) CEO, Carmine Piantedosi.

Mr Radrodro said the Government’s recruitment processes should not be “cheap”.

“Government processes for recruitment are not cheap, especially if we are using taxpayers’ money to identify expatriates for these jobs only to have them terminated just after taking up their positions,” he said.

Mr Radrodro said he intended to communicate to FICAC to investigate the forced resignation allegation further, to ensure abuse of office was not occurring by leaders.

“I know that people will want to leave with their credibility intact because they do not wish to hurt any future job prospects, but they also need to know that maintaining their credibility can be done by holding their ground, and forcing people to expose themselves.”

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Employment Jone Usamate said he would not comment on the statement made by Mr Radrodro as he had yet to look at the statement first before making any further comments.

In an interview with this newspaper last Friday, Mr Piantedosi claimed that he did not resign because of personal reasons.

A statement issued on November 3 by the LTA board chairman Vijay Maharaj stated Mr Piantedosi resigned with immediate effect because of personal and family reasons.

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