Raceva’s hobby rakes in cash

IT takes appreciation and acceptance to bring out the beauty of what nature gives to you, says Timoci Raceva whose hobby is planting flowers.

The 52-year-old lay pastor originally hails from Muana Village, Toga in Rewa and has maternal links to the village of Naila, Bau in Tailevu.

He is married to Alumita Raceva, who is also from Muana Village, and together they have two beautiful children who are now both in high school. Mr Raceva used to work for a Christian organisation that works a lot with children, namely the Child Evangelism Fellowship Interdenomination Organisation, before he became a lay pastor in 2006.

“I was formally a lay pastor at Koronivia known as the Peciseita Methodist Church before joining Nasea Methodist Church in 2008 until today,” he said.

Mr Raceva believes his service with the Lord starts from nature.

“We first have to learn and appreciate the little things we have in order to receive the bigger things ahead,” he said.

“I mostly work with children and in order to make our way up, I believe that we have to start from when something is still small, like children and seeds.”

Mr Raceva said to watch something grow “gives an amazing feeling”.

“To get a positive feedback from what you planted is just another happiest moment anyone could ever think of,” he said.

“I relate my planting to nurturing a child because the same thing applies for both, you teach a child with the right things and they will grow just the way you taught them to be and the same thing goes with flowers and they both support you financially well in the end.”

Mr Raceva said his love for flowers grew while growing up back in his village in Rewa.

“My mother was a florist and I watched and learnt everything about plants and flowers from her,” he said.

“She would plant and sell flowers from our village and we would have a lot of people coming in to buy flowers from us.”

Mr Raceva said he started planting flowers at an early age and it later developed into a hobby.

“I grew even crazier about planting flowers and I made it my responsibility or some kind of duty that I must do at home every day and that is to plant a flower,” he said.

“What made me plant flowers even more was when I married my wife, who was also a person who loves to plant flowers and does decorations during functions so we became good partners.”

Mr Raceva said their love for planting flowers grew into a business.

“We have now made home-made pot plants and vases to sell together with the flowers,” he said.

“We don’t have enough space at home but we managed to make more than 200 pot plants and planted few yasi trees around our compound with some passionfruit hanging over the fence.”

Mr Raceva said he made money by just staying at home and planting flowers.

“I don’t have to wake up and look for job to earn money. I stay right at home and people come to my doorstep to buy flowers and pot plants and vases,” he said.

“I help my wife with paying the bills and sometimes with buying groceries and other necessary stuff around the house.”

Mr Raceva said he would encourage all retirees to plant flowers and make use of the little space they had at the back of the house or a little compound.

“A little space with a few pot plants or flowers just might get you more than a $100 a day,” he said.

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