Race to help cyclone victims

THE Fiji Car Club will be organising a fun race tomorrow and all entry fees collected will be given to the cyclone affected victims.

The total entry fees collected will be doubled up by the club and it will be given to the Prime Minister’s relief fund.

Club official Sandeep Prakash said it was the responsibility of the club to help the people affected.

“We have seen the situation of people affected by severe Tropical Cyclone Winston and hence we decided to help them to ease their pain,” he said.

“The money received through the entry fees will be doubled by the club and handed to the Prime Minister’s relief fund.

“We’ll have a drag wars and quarter mile drag race on the day.”

The entry fees for the race is $50 per participant.

Prakash said people who were not members of the club were also eligible to take part in the race.

“One does not need to be a member of the club. All they need to do is to come with the any sort of vehicle for the race,” he added.

“All the safety precautions will be taken with the ambulances on standby because the safety of the drivers has always been a paramount concern for us.”

The race will start at 10.30 am at Nanuku Airstrip in Taunovo.

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