Race organisers keep ticket prices affordable

Spectators enjoy the atmosphere during the Sabeto horse race last year. Picture: VANTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY

ORGANISERS of the Sabeto Horse Races have kept the ticket prices for the general access minimal to allow the community to enjoy it as a family event.

However the avid race fans who want access to a better view with betting facilities will have to chip in a big extra at the hilltop.

Sabeto Horse Races event creator Kim Beddoes said the difference between the hilltop and the general admission was that the hilltop had a better view overlooking the whole racecourse with the Sabeto mountains as the backdrop.

“The general access is on ground level but we have made sure that the ticket prices are affordable,” she said.

“Our vision is for the community to enjoy the races as a family event.

Last year we finished the races around 4.30pm and this year we hope not to be on Fiji time.

The actual races are fast and some finish in under two minutes.

“What takes the time is after the races there are administration procedures.”

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