Race for survival launch

THE Save the Children’s annual Race for Survival, which will take place on October 17, was officially launched yesterday.

The Race for Survival, a relay race with the message to radically reduce preventable child deaths, will involve more than 400 children from eight schools in Labasa.

Save the Children Fiji CEO Raijeli Nicole said the campaign was a way to give children a voice on issues affecting their health, which this year was focused on preventing water-borne disease in drought-like conditions.

“Previous experiences from the 1997-1998 drought shows water is prioritised for cooking rather than hygiene. This in turn increases the risk of diarrhoea and water-borne diseases like skin infections, which commonly affect children here in Fiji.”

She said they were working closely with the Health Ministry with regards to pre-empting any outbreak of water-related illness.

“We are encouraging the country to save quality drinking water in sealed containers, which are kept out of the sun whilst making sure everyone drinks two litres of clean or boiled water per day.”

The race will be held in Labasa at the Guru Nanak Primary School oval.

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