Rabuku survives cancer battle

TIMOCI Rabuku thought he was going to die when he first realised he had cancer.

The 71-year-old of Raralevu, Tailevu is a prostate cancer survivor and has been living with the disease for the past eight years.

He said he was worried about his four children and his wife when he was first told about his sickness.

“When I first heard about this I was shocked because I knew death was near,” Mr Rabuku said.

He was living overseas at the time.

He said he feared his family would not have the support of a father.

“The frightening thing about this cancer is that I had no symptoms of it but when I had my blood test it revealed I was suffering from prostate cancer.”

Mr Rabuku said with proper care from the overseas hospital, he was able to overcome the worries about his family’s future.

“I kept seeking medical assistance and regular check-up because I was worried about this disease. I relied on my pills and other medication that really helped me.

“If it wasn’t for early medical detection, I believe I would have died. I did my exercise and ate the right types of food.”

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